The TR-118A is a self powered 1 kw, reflex loaded subwoofer that gives a highly detailed transient response. This cabinet is ideal for portable or fixed installation in venues which are tight on space. Incorporating Ohm’s TR stacking system which ensures secure mounting of multiple TR-118/A’s cabinets. Ground stacking is also possible with V-ela and Kora line array cabinets.

Using a high-power, 1 kW Class D amplifier with integrated DSP. Signal XLR Input and link output along powerCON®TRUE1 power and output are provided on the amplifier connection plate. LED indicators for signal present, peak, RMS and clip situations are also included. This power is fully controlled & protected and coupled to a simplified back panel which removes unauthorised modification with pre-set selection and adjustments to gain, combined with peak and RMS limiting, give issue-free installation and performances.

Using our proprietary 18” cast aluminium chassis driver, the cabinet has a frequency response of 25 Hz to 120 Hz (- 10 dB) and an SPL of 132 dB (peak). All this performance is built into a cabinet that weighs 49 kg. An impedance of 8 Ohms allows easy daisy-chaining and amplifier efficiency maximisation.

The robust enclosure has a HEX design front grille, hardwearing Polyurea paint finish and two bar handles on each side. Integrated rubber feet are located on underside of the enclosure for securing in multiple ground stack positions on TR-218/A and additional TR 118/A subwoofers. Cups are countersunk into the top of the enclosure to lock in additional TR-118/A.

The rear connection plate has two input and two link XLR connectors and a powerCON®TRUE1 input and link fitted as standard.

Available separately is a TR-118 dolly-board enabling easy, single person movement between venues which connects to the front grille using butterfly clips.


Key Features

1000 w Class D amplifiers

Omni Directional

Custom RAL colours available on request

Product Details


Internal Power Amps

Internal DSP

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity Chassis 1w/1m

Max. SPL

18” Active Subwoofer with integrated DSP, Reflex Tuning

1000 w

32 bit floating point DSP

23 Hz – 180 Hz

Omni Directional

99 dB

127 dB cont. / 133 dB peak (frequency dependent)

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


System Controller

Input connection






Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

Recommended Filter Settings.

30 Hz – 110 Hz

584.3 x 576 x 746


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Omega DSP solutions

Balanced XLR input with parallel link outputs

Internal multiband PEAK and RMS Limiter, thermal limiter and protection on amplifier

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1 x 18” Low Frequency Driver

1 x XLR female, 1 x XLR male, 1 x powerCON® True1 Connector male, 1 x powerCON® True1 Connector female

50(1cabinet per carton)


White or RAL colours on request
Weather resistant version available on request

Foot and cup stacking system, TP-1P threaded plate

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Foot and cups stacking system, large bar handles. TP-1P Threaded adaptor plate

TP-1 Adjustable threaded pole, TR-118 dolly board.

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black polyurea textured paint finish, kick-proof steel grille and internal black foam with Omega logo.