About Us

Omega is the worlds newest loudspeaker manufacturer for both commercial audio installation and touring industries.

About Omega Pro Audio

At Omega Pro Audio, we’re not just another audio manufacturer; we’re a dynamic UK-based startup on a mission to redefine audio excellence. Our journey began in June 2022, and since then, our passionate team has been making waves in the pro audio world. What sets us apart? It’s the diverse skills and expertise we bring to the table. Our team comprises masterminds in loudspeaker acoustics, amplifier and crossover electronics, CNC woodwork, metal machining and driver assembly.

Innovation in Action:

Omega Pro Audio’s commitment to innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Across our five new product ranges, we’ve made substantial advancements. Firstly, we’ve significantly improved output SPL, setting a new standard for audio performance. Simultaneously, we’ve prioritized weight reduction, making our products more portable without compromising sound quality.

Sustainability is a core value for us, and in line with this, one of our series is crafted using recycled materials, all manufactured in our UK facility.

Join Our Journey

Omega Pro Audio invites you to join us on this thrilling expedition into sound. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry, a music enthusiast, or an audio professional, we’re here to elevate your experience. Welcome to the future of pro audio, where power, precision, and passion unite. Welcome to Omega Pro Audio.