BW-26, a purpose-built speaker designed to excel in wide angle applications.

The BW-26 is equipped with an Omega engineered diffraction horn that achieves a horizontal dispersion of 160°. This cutting-edge design ensures that sound is spread evenly across a wide area, enveloping listeners in a captivating sonic environment. With its innovative features and outstanding performance, it delivers an immersive audio experience like no other. Featuring two off-axis proprietary 6″ bass drivers and a 1″ high-frequency driver mounted within the diffraction horn, the BW-26 achieves an impressive 160 degrees dispersion across its frequency range of 74 Hz to 26 kHz. It maintains a sound pressure level of 120 dB SPL, delivering powerful and detailed audio reproduction.

Thanks to its shared voicing characteristics with the renowned B series, the BW-26 can be seamlessly integrated with other speakers in the series. This allows for simultaneous usage, maintaining a consistent audio tone throughout your setup. Its wide coverage capabilities make it particularly well-suited for near field applications, including under balcony and front fill deployment scenarios.

The BW-26 offers various mounting options, including integrated aluminum top-hat and horizontal cradle fixing points specifically designed for use with the BWC-26. Additionally, you have the flexibility to utilize other compatible fixings such as the fixed large wall bracket (LWB) and pan and tilt wall bracket (LWB-PT) to suit your specific installation requirements. The rear cast aluminum connection plate of the BW-26 features standard two 4-pin speakON® connectors—one input and one link—wired on pins +1-1, with pass-through of pins +2-2. This ensures convenient and reliable connectivity for your audio setup.

With its refined aesthetics, including a reticulated foam front, acrylic textured paint finish, and multiple integrated fixing points, the BW-26 exhibits a high-class appearance suitable for any application. If desired, custom RAL colors can be requested to seamlessly integrate the speaker with its surroundings, further enhancing its visual appeal.

For outdoor installations, a weather-resistant version of the BW-26 is available. Crafted from recycled polymer, it features a gland back plate, textured paint finish, and a durable metal grillee front. Additionally, it includes a 100v transformer with selectable tap settings of 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 W, providing versatility for different indoor & outdoor audio setups.

Elevate your audio experience with the BW-26. Its exceptional design, wide dispersion capabilities, and adaptable features make it an ideal choice for wide angle applications, delivering immersive sound and visually complementing any environment.


Key Features

Hi-Fi grade components give extended 74 Hz frequency response

8 Ohm impedance

160° x 40° wide dispersion

Use in conjunction with B range subs for extended bass dynamics

Custom RAL colours available on request

Product Details



Power Handling (AES) 

Max. Power Handling (AES)

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m

Max. SPL

Mid-high cabinet, reflex tuning

8 Ohm

250 Watts (continuous)

500 Watts (program)
1000 Watts (peak 10 ms)

74 Hz – 26 kHz

160° x 40°

90 dB

114 dB cont
120 dB peak

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


Recommended Amplification

System Controller

Speaker Cables





Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

89 Hz – 24 kHz

270 x 370 x 274.5


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250-500 Watts

Omega DSP solutions

Min – 2 x 2.5 mm2
Preferred – 2 x 4 mm2

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2 x 6” low frequency driver
1 x 1” diffraction horn

Passive – 1.6 kHz
Active – * LPF – / HPF – 110 Hz
* All presets from the OHM library.

2 x 4 pole speakON® connectors

24.4 (2 cabinets per carton)


Available in white or RAL colours on request
Weather resistant version available on request

4 x mounting points for installation brackets / cradle, omni-mounting point for stand or truss adaptor

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Small Cast top hat

PTS small rear pan & tilt wall bracket, BWC-26 cradle vertical, LWB-PT large wall bracket pan and tilt with 35mm spigot, SWB small wall bracket, S-SA stand adaptor, SS-1 speaker stand, TP-1 adjustable threaded pole.

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black textured paint finish, kick-proof steel grille and black foam with Omega logo.