Eris is a 3400 W, low frequency subwoofer designed to compliment E-05 line array systems. Designed with an aperiodical enclosure which gives a flatter impedance curve and greater SPL than expected from its size. This unique porting also removes the boxy tone of reflex loading and enhances bass definition.

Eris is a wide bandwidth, ultra-high power low frequency subwoofer. Designed with total integration into E-05 line array systems, this cabinet is an easy way to extend the frequency response of your system. The unique symmetrical design allows rotation of each subwoofer for both front facing or cardioid arrangements. With a usable frequency response of 26 Hz to 200 Hz (-10 dB) and a peak SPL of 140 dB this unit is a capable partner for E-05 and can deliver the low frequency output at levels sound engineers expect.

The discreet HEX steel grille design with reticulated foam backing and acrylic textured paint finish achieves a high class look suitable for any application. 4 bar handles are located on each side on the enclosure, ergonomically designed for multiple carry positions.

The integrated flying hardware is a symmetrical designed for rotation of each subwoofer for both front facing and cardioid arrangements. The integrated hardware can be used for securing multiple Eris in ground stack configurations.

The rear connection plate has two 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link.  speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2.


Key Features

Exceptional low frequency of 25 Hz

4 Ohm impedance

Omni directional

Custom RAL colours available on request

Use in conjunction with EOS Line array for extended bass dynamics

Product Details



Power Handling (AES) 

Max. Power Handling (AES)

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m

Max. SPL

2 x 18” Bi-amp Subwoofer, Progressive Loaded Reflex Subwoofer.

2 x 4 Ohm, Minimum 3.3 @ 125 Hz

1700 Watts (continuous)

3400 Watts (program)
6800 Watts (peak 10 ms)

26 Hz -200 Hz


102 dB

134 dB cont
140 dB peak

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


Recommended Amplification

System Controller

Speaker Cables





Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

Recommended Filter Settings.

30 Hz – 170 Hz

589.3 x 1156 x 900


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1700 – 3500 Watts

Omega DSP Solutions

Min 2 x 4 mm2,
Preferred 2 x 6 mm2

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2 x 18” low frequency driver

Passive – N/A
Active – * LPF – 110 Hz / HPF – 24 Hz
* All presets from the Omega library.

2 x 4 pole speakON® connectors, (pins 1± driver 1, pins 2± driver 2)

107 (1 cabinet per carton)


Available in white or RAL colours on request

Foot and cup stacking system, Eris Sub Flying System

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Eris Sub dolly board, Eris Sub flying array frame

Eris Sub dolly board, Eris Sub flying array frame

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black textured Polyurea paint finish, kick-proof steel grille and internal black foam with Omega logo.