The BT-12 is a high performance compact cabinet which is ideally suited to both portable use and fixed installation, offering extremely flexible mounting options including a top hat and both horizontal and vertical mounting yokes, rotatable horns, integrated handle and internal passive crossover designed to match the voicing of other products in the series, all achieving a flat, linear frequency response.

The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.

Designed with an 12” proprietary 500 W, 8 Ohm woofer and 1.5” compression driver , the internal passive crossover ensures a linear, usable frequency response of 61 Hz to 22 kHz (-10 dB) across 60°x 40° dispersion with rotatable horn. A maximum SPL of 129 dB (peak).

Sharing voicing characteristics with the rest of the B series allowing them to be used simultaneously, keeping a consistent tone.

Mounting options include integrated aluminium top-hat and horizontal cradle fixing points for use with the BC-12 Horizontal, BC-12 Vertical Yoke and rear mounted pan and tilt bracket PTL. Other fixings can be used with this cabinet such as the fixed large wall bracket (LWB) and pan and tilt wall bracket (LWB-PT). This product is also Powerdrive compatible with the type 100 plate products.

The rear cast aluminium connection plate has two 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. The speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2.

Custom RAL colours are available on request to make their appearance even more seamless with the surroundings. The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.

Weather resistant version is available with gland back plate, Polyurethane plus enamelled paint finish and metal grille front.


Key Features

Hi-Fi grade components give extended 61 Hz frequency response

8 Ohm impedance

Rotatable 60° x 40° horn for enhanced flexibility allowing labscape use
Available in weather resistant version

Use in conjunction with B range subs for extended bass dynamics

Custom RAL colours available on request

Product Details



Power Handling (AES) 

Max. Power Handling (AES)

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m

Max. SPL

Mid-high cabinet, reflex tuning

8 Ohm, Minimum 6.6 ohm @ 170 Hz

500 Watts (continuous)

1000 Watts (program)
2000 Watts (peak 10 ms)

61 Hz – 20 kHz

60° x 40°, Rotational

96 dB

123 dB cont
129 dB peak

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


Recommended Amplification

System Controller

Speaker Cables





Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

74 Hz – 20 kHz

642.5 x 400 x 350


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500-1000 Watts

Omega DSP solutions

Min – 2 x 2.5 mm2
Preferred – 2 x 4 mm2

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1 x 12” low frequency driver
1 x 1.5” horn loaded compression driver

Passive – 1.37 kHz
Active – * LPF – / HPF – 90 Hz
* All presets from the OHM library.

2 x 4 pole speakON® connectors

29.7 (1 cabinet per carton)


Available in white or RAL colours on request
Weather resistant version available on request

4 x mounting for Powerdrive bracket. 6 x mounting points for installation brackets, omni-mounting point for stand or truss adaptor, (optional 2 x 3 point adaptor for horizontal Mounting)

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Standard cast top hat, blanking plate

Horizontal cradle base, BC-12 cradle vertical, BC-12 cradle horizontal, PTL large rear wall bracket, pan and tilt, LWB large wall bracket, LWB-PT large wall bracket, pan and tilt with 35mm spigot, SS-1 speaker stand, TP-1 adjustable threaded pole, TP-1P threaded Mounting Plate.

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black textured paint finish, kick-proof steel grille and black foam with omega logo.